Cumaru Ventilated Cladding

Cumaru Ventilated Cladding

Cumaru hardwood cladding is a very strong, solid, highly durable and long lasting natural wood material. It helps to create inspirational and versatile designs and unique styles. Our Cumaru rain screen siding has high mechanical properties and natural characteristics.


Width: 145 mmHeight: 21 mm


Price: /m² ex. VAT


Cumaru is an impressive decking and cladding material as it is one of the hardest woods in the world. It offers First Class performance and a great value because of extremely low maintenance. Cumaru is incredibly durable. The high density and natural oils of Cumaru makes it resistant to insect attack, mold, rot and decay without chemical treatments. Cumaru has Janka hardness of 3,340 lbs that is 2.5 times tougher than Oak.

The top two world hardwoods is Ipe and Cumaru. They have very similar characteristics. Cumaru trees grow much faster than Ipe making it more affordable in price.

Cumaru is perfect for use outdoors such as cladding, siding, decking, porches, sunrooms, restaurants, gallaries, public benches, pool floors, broadwalks, commercial projects with high-traffic, piers and moorings. Cumaru is moisture and frost resistant.

Cumaru wood is a solid and reliable choice which expected to last 50+ years above ground and 25+ years in contact with ground without preservatives or additional treatment.

Additional information

Dimensions145 × 21 mm

Random lengths 2.1 – 6.0 m


Cumaru (Dipteryx sp.)


Ventilated Cladding


FAS / 1F(one face graded)


KD (Kiln Dried)